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IOHL Rulebook

Please use this directory to help you when trying to contact the league with an issue.
Always try and contact a League Official or the Conference commissioner first and they will be in touch with a League Staff Member if a staff member is needed.
Avoid contacting League Staff directly as much as possible. Thank you!

League Officials:

T i v Z – Site Management
SlicenDice 2x – Stats
Spinalli488 – Waivers

League Staff

Tank6109Founder *Do Not Contact*
L3th4lD0Sage XLCEO *Contact Only For Emergencies*
Kidney Bean69Co-Owner
Trump I45IPresident/Team Captain

Players Bill of Rights IOHL

Every player in the IOHL has certain rights to ensure equal treatment and the opportunity to play, according to the rules and procedures that govern the league. Provided that the player has followed those rules and procedures, and fulfilled their commitment and responsibilities as an IOHL player, the player’s rights must be complied with.

Chapter 1: Players Rights Section 1:1.1 Participation
• Active roster players have the right to being scheduled a minimum of 3 games per week, but not more than a maximum of 5 games a week.
• Active roster players have the right to be involved in team practices, but practices are not mandatory and will be conducted at the discretion of individual teams and their owners.
• Active roster goalies have the right to being scheduled for a min of 2 games, maximum of 5.
• Training Camp players can only be scheduled for 2 games a week. If they play 3 times in same week, they have to be moved to active roster. TC players can play any position.

  • On a week when there are only 4 nights game limits will be 2 min and 4 max games.

1:1.2 Fair Treatment
• A Player has the right to be treated with respect by every member of the community. This includes staff, management, and other players. Derogatory, racists, negative, or malicious, etc. comments towards other players in the IOHL will not be tolerated. Any direct or indirect comments in a derogatory manner that pertains to race, sex or religious beliefs will NOT be tolerated. You will be given respect and it is expected that you will respect others as well.
Section 1:1.3 Notification
• A Player has the right to be duly notified when a transaction involving that player has been completed, or a ruling has been made against that player. This should typically be provided to you by either your team management or a league staff member.
1:1.4 Request a Trade
• Once per season, an active roster player who is on a multi-year contract has the right to respectfully request to be traded. Under the following conditions:
1. The trade window must be open and have at least 1 week (7 days) of available time before trade window closing.
2. The player must make their request by posting a formal trade request in the Trade Request thread in the forums, and by notifying a member of their management. Demanding a trade in a hostile or negative manner or speaking to members or management of opposing teams may give management the right to file an appeal with commissioner’s staff. You will be subject to disciplinary actions if found guilty for trade tampering under the player tampering rule.
3. The player must continue to fulfill their commitment to their current organization while their management seeks a perspective trade. Requesting a trade does not excuse a player from their responsibility to their current organization. This includes providing adequate availability, showing for your scheduled games, trying your best and not deliberately doing anything to negatively impact the team you are requesting to be traded from. Any violations of the described above will be grounds for supplemental discipline and may result in removal from league or trade request being revoked indefinitely.
4. The player must give their management at least 1 IOHL week (minimum of 7 days) to comply with their request.
5. The player may not demand a trade to a specific organization, you may suggest certain teams but there will be no guarantees given outside of the player being traded within 7 days upon request of trade.
6. If no trade can be reached within 7 days, the player requesting the trade will be placed on waivers and become available to be claimed by any team (in these cases the players salary will not be retained at 50% by original team).
7. Trade Requests by a Player on a multi-year deal are limited to 1 per contract. Single year contracted players/Training Camp players DO NOT receive a Trade Request.
8. Players must not attempt to broker their own trade. This includes but is not limited to; talking to another team’s Owner, GM, AGM, or any member of the team with the specific purpose of asking for that team to acquire you.
9. All players are to submit their own request. Players requesting trades on behalf of another player for ANY reason will be ignored and not official.

10. A multi-year contract becomes NULL and VOID if traded. They will automatically be moved to a 1-year deal.
Failure to adequately comply with these conditions may result in an inability to act on the player’s request for Trade or possible Disciplinary actions.

11. Owners also have the right to purchase a Trade Token and Trade you immediately. If the Token is purchased and the trade is submitted by 8pm est.

Section 1:1.5 Trade Request Retraction
• A player may retract their trade request at any point until a trade is has been agreed to or before he is placed on waivers after the 7-day period. The player MUST contact his team management and reply on the same post of his initial trade request with his retraction.
• Retracting a trade does not negate the action of requesting a trade. You will not be able to request a trade for the remainder of the season.

Section 1:1.5.1 Contracts
• Each team is permitted to place 2 players on multi-year contracts that are originally drafted by that team.
• Each contract will be 2-year contacts and will carry the same salary both seasons.
• Both the player and a member of management MUST send in a message to staff stating their mutual desire to sign a 2-year contract.
• If a player under a multi-year contract is traded, the contract is void and the player is then placed on a 1-year deal.
• If a multi-year contracted player is placed on waivers, the contract will be void, even if they go unclaimed.

Section 1:1.6 Injury Claim
• A Player has the right to request placement on the IR. Under the following conditions:
1. The player may not participate in games for a period of at least 1 week when placed or IR.
2. The player may not be placed on IR for more than two weeks in a season without staff approval.
Failure to request placement on the IR prior to a period of inactivity may result in a player being disciplined due to inactivity.

Section 1:1.7 Retirement
• A Player has the right to declare retirement from the current IOHL Season, however can not return for the current season and will be blacklisted 1-full season after depending on circumstance of retirement. Players are expected to provide as much advance notification to their team management and provide reason for retirement to avoid further discipline.

Section 1:1.8 Right to Appeal
• IOHL Players have the right to appeal disciplinary actions made against them. If you choose to appeal, it is expected that you formally contact league staff with:
1. Evidence of your innocence
2. Explanation of actions
3. Any further information on the complaint filed against you that would represent why you should not be disciplined.
The player must NOT discuss his/her punishment on the forums or chat box. Failure to adhere could result in the appeal being voided or stronger penalties for guilty player.

Chapter 2 Players Responsibility Section 1:2.1 Rules
• It is the Players responsibility to know the full rules of the league and to be respectful to other members on the forums and discord server.
• Failure to read/know the rules will not be efficient defense in the appeal process or disciplinary hearings.
• If you have any questions on rules or procedures it is the members responsibility to contact staff for clarification. Failure to understand the written rules is also not efficient for defense in the appeal process or disciplinary hearings.

1:2.2 Availability
• Players are responsible for giving their team management availability weekly no later than Saturday (day prior to 1st game of week) by 11:59 pm EST.
• Players can notify their management of their availability by:
1. Team Forum
2. Team Discord
3. Xbox Live message
• Players who do not provide availability by deadline will NOT be guaranteed their minimum games for that week.
• Failure to follow this process can result in Disciplinary action.
Refer to 2:4.1 “Availability” for further guidelines.

1:2.3 Showing Up
• Players are responsible for showing up on time for their scheduled games.
• If a player is running late or can not make their scheduled game due to unforeseen circumstances, they are required to notify their management at least 10 minutes prior to game time (if possible) so they can adequately request time or find a replacement.
• If you fail to notify your team of lateness or absence and fail to be in the team lobby by game time management has the right to replace you and it will count as a game played for both the player being replaced and the replacement player.
• Continuous failure to notify of lateness or absence and/or failure to be in team lobby by game times could result in disciplinary action.

1:2.4 Commitment and Dedication
• It is the player’s responsibility to stay updated on league events, such as rule and procedure changes, and be active in reviewing information posted in your team locker room or team discord. The foundation of information for this league is found at www.iohl.net and should be frequently visited for any official league news or updates to procedures.
• The IOHL does not allow the promotion of other League sites during IOHL sanctioned events or on our website. We also ask all members to uphold the high standards of the IOHL by not promoting our league on the website of other leagues. Violation of this policy may subject you to disciplinary actions.
• Players are expected to participate in the league regardless of the team they are assigned to.
• Players can be traded and are to continue to participate in a full manner no matter what team you play for.

1:2.5 Sportsmanship
Players are expected to show sportsmanship to one another by following the rules, being respectful toward other members, and conducting themselves in a decent and respectable manner.
• Do not message members of opposing teams prior/during/post game with any negative or trolling comments. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.
• If you feel a rule has been broken during a game, DO NOT quit out or contact staff/opposing team members. Finish the game and file the appropriate complaint form in the forums with evidence of guilt.

The IOHL Rule Book

Article 2 The IOHL Rule Book
Section 2:1.1 Preamble
• The IOHL is a competitive 6v6 team-based league. We strive to be the most competitive league for 6v6 online hockey on the Xbox One platform. We seek to allow our players freedom to be the best player they can be and hope to grow future OTP stars.
• This will involve adaptation of certain protocols to suit our players best interest and allow our members to participate as a player or team management at the highest level possible.

Section 2:1.1 General Conduct
• When participating as a member of the community in IOHL sanctioned events or on the IOHL site, you are to show respect and sportsmanship towards other members and follow the rules at all times.
• Conduct deemed to be unfitting of IOHL standards may be grounds for disciplinary proceedings. This constitutes, but is not limited to:
1. Breaking Rules as outlined in rule book.
2. Causing problems/arguments/trolling in chat/forums/team events (games, team chat, etc.).
3. Filing false league information or complaints.
4. Derogatory comments towards others within the IOHL or the IOHL League as a whole.
5. Tampering with stats or related record keeping of the site/league/individual team.

Section 2:1.3 Jurisdiction
• The IOHL holds jurisdiction when members participate in IOHL sanctioned events. These events are any IOHL related interactions that take place outside of the IOHL website but pertain to the league. These include but are not limited to:
1. IOHL games
2. Scouting sessions with IOHL team management or staff
3. Official IOHL Discord server (including direct messages)
4. Team chat/forum
5. Chat box (website/discord/twitch game streams/etc).
6. Any outside event that has the IOHL name attached or in which you represent the IOHL in some fashion
• Members do not fall under IOHL jurisdiction at all times including while participating in other leagues. The staff holds the right to discipline members who represent or bring up the IOHL in an outside capacity of a IOHL sanctioned event.

Chapter 2: League Standards Section 2:2.1 Player Punishments

• If a player is found to be guilty of breaking a rule the disciplinary committee will make a formal ruling on punishment. The ruling will be sent to the guilty party and will be released to the league in the league public disciplinary section. The ruling will include the findings and evidence with complete transparency of the process and why the ruling was made.
• Suspensions and/or any discipline taken will be determined by severity of the crime. Management rights and/or players rights can be stripped at anytime for breaking rules or failing to follow procedures accordingly.
• Any member found guilty has the right to appeal the decision, all suspensions/punishments will be delayed until the appeal process is complete (does not include chat bans/timeouts).
• Any comments that pertains to race, sex or religious beliefs will be an automatic indefinite suspension until staff rules on full punishment that may include up to a permanent ban.

Section 2:2.2 Public Complaints
• League staff will ensure those who file complaints are kept anonymous to ensure no backlash will come from reporting illegal activity.
• Public complaints or rants could lead to formal complaints becoming null and void
• Players who file complaints may not always be informed of the outcome of the complaint directly. However, the full findings and final decision will be posted in the public disciplinary section of the forums and can be accessed at any time.

Section 2:2.3 Standard of Participation
• Team Management members are encouraged to lead their players and teach them rules or share the link to the rule book with Player(s) who may be new or those who have no yet read the rules. If a player on their team gets out of control and management can no longer maintain the situation, they are asked to submit a formal complaint to commissioner’s staff by using the complaint form on the website.
• Owners are permitted to hand out in-house punishments to players ONLY after notifying league officials and/or filing a formal complaint and receiving confirmation from the league office that it is allowed (evidence will be required).
• Players who have been previously blacklisted may apply for player probation by purchasing a blacklist removal pack for $25. Players who apply and are granted acceptance will be allowed to return on a probationary basis only. Probationary players will be held to the strictest standards of the rulebook and any infraction could lead to permanent removal from the league.
Players on probation will not have the ability to purchase the 1 trade request per season and may not hold team management positions or be part of staff in any capacity.

Section 2:2.4 Player’s Right to Complaints
• Players can to send in complaints if they have issues with team management, league officials, or in-game issues. Players are asking to use the complaint form located on the main site.
• You may not publicly complain about any of these groups or harass any member of these groups that you may have an issue with. Failure to comply may result in any formal complaint being null and void and could lead potential disciplinary action.
• All complaints must be filed using the IOHL complaint program. If there are any issues that the complaint program may not address contact league staff via PM or Xbox Live message.

Chapter 3 Game Night Rules
• As a member of the IOHL you are responsible for your actions while representing the league and/or participating in IOHL sanctioned events. The rules in this section detail how members should conduct themselves on game nights. The rules in Section 3 apply to all who participate in the league, including players, management, and staff members.

Section 2:3.1 Game Setup Procedures
Sub-Section 2:3.1.1 Game Setup
• IOHL Games will be conducted in team challenge lobbies.
• IOHL Game Times are at 10:30PM and 11:30PM.
• For every game, the HOME team will wear a dark uniform and the AWAY team will wear a uniform with a predominately white top or a non-contrasting color.

Sub-Section 2:3.1.2 Pre-Game Timing
• We suggest begin to assemble your line for the night 10 minutes prior to game time. At this time, you should begin inviting players to a party and making sure members are on the team roster.
• We suggest having team members in the club challenge room at or around 5 minutes prior to game time. This will help games start in a timely manner and make things easier for management.
• Home Team should send the game invite at 10:30 PM or 11:30 PM unless time has been requested by the opposing team or your own team.
• Away Team should accept the invite immediately after receiving game invite.
• Management has the right to request time to assemble their roster. An additional 5 minutes will be granted.
• All games should start by 1036PM and 1136PM if time has been requested. If a team still cannot field 6 men after 5 minutes is given, it will be managements discretion on if they want to wait longer or re-schedule the game. Forfeits will ONLY be granted in extreme circumstances and will not be abused.
• If the opposing team has not requested additional time and cannot be contacted or won’t accept/send challenge, the management of the team ready should send the invite and take a screenshot of the challenge screen with a clock visible showing at least 5 minutes past original time of scheduled game. Management will then contact a member of staff with screen shot and information on what happened.
• Forfeits can only be awarded by IOHL staff after evidence has been provided of teams no show and if the game cannot be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. Forfeits will be a last possible option and we hope to be a thing of the past.
• Communication between teams will be the most crucial part of making this a success
**NOTE** Playoff games will be given an extra 5 minutes to begin and forfeits cannot be claimed until 10 minutes past original scheduled game time.

Sub-Section 2:3.1.3 Hosting
• The home team will choose the host to send the invite to away team.
• If away team cannot connect to host, the home team will re-send invite to away team with a new host.
• The away team may request a new host only ONCE per game and may ONLY do so prior to the start of the game OR after a lag out restart.
• If the away team requests a new host, the home team MUST resend the challenge with a new host. Failure to do so may result in a disciplinary action or overturned result of the game.

Section 2:3.2 Gameplay
• This section outlines both the gameplay rules and the procedures involved in resolving any potential broken rules both during and after games.
• If you believe a gameplay rule or league rule was broken during gameplay, DO NOT quit out of the game. File a formal complaint after the game has concluded using the IOHL complaint program on the website.
• Failure to adhere to rules in game can result in individual, as well as team management penalties.

Sub-Section 2:3.2.1 Mercy Rule
• The IOHL will no longer use the mercy rule.

Sub-Section 2:3.2.2 Ragging the Puck
• Intentional clock killing for no purpose besides milking the clock in a tight game is strictly forbidden.
• Resetting or skating in your own zone looking to break the trap or wait out the defensive team is allowed.
• On the PK teams are permitted to rag puck, including passing the puck out of offensive zone back to defensive zone to kill penalty, or skating/passing the puck in their own zone, just like the real NHL.
• Any member who believes a team is abusing this rule should record clips for evidence and file an official complaint through the IOHL complaint program located on the website.

Sub-Section 2:3.2.3 Goaltender Interference
• The in-game referee will determine ALL goaltender interference calls. League staff cannot overturn in-game referee decisions.

Sub-Section 2: Diving at the Goalie
• After the goalie has made a save and covered the puck, if a player dives at the goalie and knocks the puck free and it leads to a goal, that goal will be null and void. Any assist, shot, goal scored, etc. will be wiped from the final stat submission.
• Continued abuse of diving at the goalie that results in loose pucks and goals being wiped will face a potential disciplinary hearing.
• If a goalie is skating with the puck out of the crease, you are permitted to dive to knock the puck away.
• Diving is permitted in any zone of the ice ONLY if it is to be used to block a pass, shot, or make a play on the puck carrier.
• Intentional diving to cause penalties or delay/lengthen the game; or to make a joke of the game will NOT be tolerated and could result in disciplinary action.

Sub-Section 2:3.2.4 Glitching
• Any illegal outside factor or glitch that is undefendable is strictly forbidden. Any player caught using any type of cheat or undefendable glitch repeatedly will face immediate indefinite suspension and face further disciplinary hearings.

Sub-Section 2:3.2.5 Resolving Broken Rules During a Game
Sub-Section 2: Procedures


 If a Player breaks a game-play rule during a game, stay in the game. Record any clips that can be used as evidence and submit it through the IOHL complaint program following the conclusion of the game.
 Quitting out or failing to finish the game could result in punishment and/or the complaint filed being null and void.
 If a rule is broken by accident and a goal occurs, the team who broke the rule should allow the opposing team to score immediately to even out the goal momentum. The goal itself, and all stats associated with the makeup goal will be wiped from league stats.

Sub-Section 2: Goals


 If a goal is scored as the result of an infraction and the opposing team disputes its legality, take video evidence of the infraction and continue playing.
 If found to be illegal, the goal scored due to the infraction will not be included when entering stats.
 The goal and assists from the game summary are to be subtracted from players stats, and the goal against is subtracted from the goaltenders’ stats.

Sub-Section 2:3.2.6 Adjusting Stats After In-Game Infraction
Sub-Section 2: Goal Incident


 If a goal is scored as the result of an infraction, the commissioner staff will remove that goal from the result of the game.
 If a team wins by one goal, and the goal is overturned resulting in a tie score, the game will be set for a replay (which will be conducted as sudden death until there is a winner)
Sub-Section 2: Possession Incident

 If a team is found to be illegally ragging the puck with sufficient evidence, the game may result in a “replay”. The only times a replay will be instituted for a possession related incident is when there is sufficient evidence that either one team was ragging the puck to preserve a one goal lead or the illegal method of winning the game.

Section 2:3.3 Disconnect Procedures
Subsection 2:3.3.1 Player Loses Connection
• If a player has a sudden disconnect from the EA servers or Xbox Live prior to the first puck drop of the first period, teams will quit out immediately. No penalty will be given. The player will be given 5 minutes to come back or replacement player shall be found for him, regardless if extra time has been requested prior.
• If a player drops after the puck drops during any period, the period is to be played out in full. When the period concludes, the team with the lag out should back out of the game (besides 1 skater who will take photos). Teams will collect stats and photos before restarting the game picking up with the next period.
• The team who has a player drop after puck drop will take a penalty at the beginning of the restarted game. In-game management can choose what player takes the penalty.
• If any player losses connection before the puck drops in the 2nd period or later, quit out immediately and restart the game beginning at that period. Again, the player that dropped must take a 2-minute penalty at the start of the restarted game.
• It is important for Management to be in contact with each other during this process.

Sub-Section 2:3.3.2 Goaltender or Multiple Skater Drop
• If the goaltender for either team drops from the game the game will automatically end on EA servers side. Take note of the time and take photos and stats before proceeding to restart the game and skate down any clock that may have ran off during the period.
• Any player on the ice can take the penalty for goalie lag outs.
• If 2 players from the same team disconnect in the game, paused at the first available whistle and have the team who lost players quit out. Record the time and take photos and stats. Restart the game and skate off time to match up with the previous game time.
• If 2 players lag out from same team, when game is restarted BOTH players must take penalties immediately upon restart or when clock run out is complete.
• If players from both teams lose connection, regardless of numbers, all lag out penalties are voided.
• Upon restart if there are NO penalties to apply, the team winning the faceoff is to retreat to their own zone until the time matches up with the previous lag out(s). At that time, the player should skate to the neutral zone and dump the puck out to force a faceoff. Play will resume at that time.
• Upon restart if there ARE penalties to apply, the team taking the first penalty must be allowed to win the faceoff. The player taking the penalty should be given the puck and retreat to his own zone. Skate out any time to match up with previous lag out if necessary, and dump the puck out for a 2-minute delay of game penalty.
• Once all penalties have been applied, play resumes as normal.
• If a team has a power play during a lag out, the power play MUST be honored in the restart and the penalty must be served by the same person who committed it.
• It is important for Management to be in contact with each other during this process.

Sub-Section 2:3.3.3 Restarting the Game
• When a game requires a restart, follow these procedures:
1. Both teams continually pause the game.
2. The goalie of the team who lost the player(s) is to back out.
3. The away team gathers their players’ stats and exits the game.
4. The home team gathers their players’ and the game stats and exits the game.
5. The game is restarted.
6. The only change permitted is an ECU for a player who is unable to complete the game. Players must play the same positions and same player builds upon restart.
7. If a player was given a game misconduct prior to restart, he may not rejoin a restarted game.
• To record stats in a quick and efficient manner, we highly suggest having a designated stats taker prior to the game beginning.
• If a member of either team continues to play when a restart is required or refuses to back out/restart, a complaint must be filed against that player with evidence that they remained in the game and/or took further action at that time by filing a formal complaint using the IOHL complaint program on the website.

Sub-Section 2:3.3.4 Player Drops and Cannot Return
• If for any reason a player is unable to reconnect to the game, EA servers, or Xbox live you may substitute them with another rostered player.
• The game will count towards both players games played for the week.
• Record stats for both players.

Sub-Section 2:3.3.5 Game Misconduct
• When a player receives a game misconduct that player will serve the 5 minute penalty, and will resume play when penalty is over. If there is a lag out during the 5 minute major, the team that lagged out will take two penalties at the restart of the game. One for the lag out penalty, and one for the 5 minute major penalty.

Sub-Section 2:3.3.6 Computer Players
• Goals scored by a computer AI will ONLY count when the AI is the extra man (pulled goalie or delayed penalty) or when playing for a player serving a game misconduct/fighting misconduct.
• Goals scored by a computer AI will NOT count when the AI is on the ice for a player who has lagged out.

Chapter 4 Player
• As a member of the IOHL, you are responsible for your actions on and off the ice. The rules in this section detail what you are required to do. The rules in Section 3 apply to all who participate in the league including players, management, and staff members.
• If a complaint with sufficient evidence is filed and a member is in violation of these rules, the member will face disciplinary action, up to and including potential removal from the league.

Section 2:4.1 Availability
• Players are to post availability each week by 11:59 pm est. on Saturday prior to game week in the designated area. Team owners should notify players where they want players to post availability upon the player joining the team.
• Failure to post availability will forfeit your right for minimum games per week and continued failure could result in disciplinary action.

Section 2:4.2 No Shows
• Players who no show games or show a continued pattern of doing so will face league disciplinary action up to and including removal from the league.

Section 4.3 Player Tampering

 Players and management may NOT contact opposing players/management for the strict purpose of:
1. Informing a player/management of a trade request
2. Informing a player/management of a trade block
3. Asking a player/management to throw a game or put out certain players
4. Asking a player/management to file a complaint on other teams/players
5. Contacting a player/management to conduct trade/waiver/or other roster move

 If found guilty of player tampering, the offending player will be subject to disciplinary action.

Sub-Section 2:4.3.1 Demanding/Brokering a Trade


 Players on multi-year contracts may request 1 trade throughout the course of the contract.
 Players on 1-year contracts are NOT permitted to request a trade.
 You may not demand to be traded to a certain team(s).
 You may not broker your own trade.
 Players MAY speak with management privately and respectfully ask to be traded. However, it is not guaranteed the owner will trade you unless on multi-year deal.

Section 2:4.4 Quitting the Team or League/Retirement
• A player must message on Xbox Live, IOHL PM, Discord or forum post stating his intention not to play anymore/retiring. Any player quitting the League during an active season will be “Retired” for the current Season and will be blacklisted for the following IOHL season.
• Any player that has been blacklisted can buy out there blacklist out for $25 dollars the following season.

Section 2:4.5 Ineligible Player
• Ineligible player is described as, but not limited to:
1. Playing while being suspended and/or banned

1. Illegal substitutions
2. Player not on your roster
3. Player who has exceeded the games played limit
Use of an ineligible player in a game will result in the forfeit of the game by the team using the ineligible player. All stats for the players of that team will be forfeited for that game. Management will face disciplinary action if a ineligible player is found to have been used.

Section 2:4.6 In-Game Communication
• In-Game communication is limited to management ONLY. Players are not to message other players or management before, during, or after the game.
• If team management will not be online during game time, they should contact the other management prior to game time with a player of contact for the game.

Chapter 2:5 Management
• The rules in this section detail what is expected from management and your duties as management in the IOHL.
• If a complaint with sufficient evidence is filed and a manager is in violation of these rules, that manager including the entire management team will face potential disciplinary actions.
• Management must also follow all other rules listed in sections 1-4 of this rulebook. They too are players in the league and will be judged on those infractions as a player, and in some instances as both a player and as management.
• The IOHL staff holds management to the highest standards and expect you to lead by example. In any case of a violation, admission of guilt may be taken into consideration when staff is ruling on a complaint.

Section 2:5.1 Late Lines
• Management is required to have their entire team’s weekly lines posted in their forum Locker Room by Sunday at 8:00PM EST at the latest. Failure to have your Entire Teams Weekly Lines posted can result in the following Disciplinary action.
• First Offense: Verbal Warning to team management.
• Second Offense: One game suspension for the Owner, and or Team Management.
• Third Offense: Five game suspension for the Owner, and or Team Management.
• Playoffs lines are to be posted in Team Locker Room by 6pm for Visiting Team and by 7PM for Home Team. If lines are not posted by this time it can result in disciplinary action.

Section 2:5.2 Line Adjustments
• Subbing after a forfeit game is a violation. In the case of a forfeit game no players are to be substituted in or out. The game will count as game played for all players scheduled.
Section 2:5.3 Circumvention or Falsifying any of the Site’s Systems or Forum
• All information entered by management into the scheduling and stat systems must be accurate. Any attempt to falsify information, with sufficient evidence, will result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from management and the league.

Section 2:5.4 Stats Entering/Deadlines
• Management is required to enter stats within 24 hours of completion of the first game from the previous night (10:30pmEST). This includes games played on Thursday evenings and this rule will be strictly enforced.
• STATS: Stats will be taken and recorded from inside the BOXSCORE, not Player Summary. If stats are not recored from BOXSCORE, stats will not be correct.
• Late Stats will result in the following disciplinary action.
• First Offense: Verbal Warning for team management.
• Second Offense: One game suspension for Owner and or Team management.
• Third Offense: Forfeit Loss
• Further abuse of late stats will result in further disciplinary action and may become grounds of removal from team management.
• If you encounter a problem that may delay the entry of your stats, you MUST contact league staff to be granted an extension. Extension will be given for only 24 hours longer and will be granted at the discretion of the league staff. No more than one Stats extension request, can be used in one season.

Section 2:5.5 Communication with Players
• Management is responsible for ensuring that Players are aware of all of the applicable IOHL rules. They are also responsible for promoting activity, through other threads in their locker rooms. If there is sufficient evidence that Management is not doing enough to make their Players aware of the rules the Commissioner’s Staff will meet with the Management team to discuss their placement in Management and the responsibilities. It is strongly encouraged that the Team Management send daily reminders through XBox to their Players that are scheduled for games that evening.

Section 2:5.6 Disclosure of Private Information
• Management and staff are not permitted to share information gained through private forums with players or other members. Such examples include:
1. Sharing trade block information
2. Sharing trade negotiations information
3. Sharing any confidential information found in management or staff chat
ANY management or staff found to be disclosing private information will face disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the league.

Section 2:5.7 Player Rights Violation
• Management members are expected to uphold and abide theplayer’s bill of rights. Any breach of these rights will result in disciplinary action.

Section 2:5.8 Forfeits
• During regular season play forfeit can not be claimed until 5 minutes past the scheduled game start time. So a Forfeit can be claimed at 1036PM, and 1136PM.
• During playoff games forfeits can not be claimed until 10 minutes past the scheduled game start time. So a Forfeit can be claimed at 1041pm, and 1141pm.
• We ask both teams management do everything in their power to reschedule the game or wait extra time to play. We want to avoid all possible forfeits if we can, but we know some circumstances cannot be prevented.
• If a team shows frequent forfeits the team management will face disciplinary actions, including possible removal from management.

Section 2:6.1 Playing in Another League
• We allow members to play in other leagues. We have designated start times that least interfere with most other leagues and suggest making the IOHL priority.

Chapter 2:7 Staff
• The rules in this section detail what the IOHL requires from league staff members. If a complaint with sufficient evidence is filed and a staff member is in violation of these rules, they will face disciplinary action including and up to removal from staff and/or the league itself.
• The entire league staff must also follow all other rules listed in sections 1-4 of this rulebook. They will be held to the same standards as players and not be given any advantages in the rules.
• The IOHL holds its staff to the highest possible standards. In any case of a violation, admission of guilt may be taken into consideration when the staff is ruling on a complaint.

Section 2:7.1 “League Staff”
• All staff members from owners of the league to league officials, Founders, as described in Article 1.

Section 2:7.2 Player Rights Violation
• Staff are expected to uphold and abide by the player’s bill of rights. Any failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Section 2:7.3 Circumvention or Falsifying any of the Site’s Systems or Forum
• All information entered by staff into the scheduling and stat systems must be accurate. Any attempt to falsify information, with sufficient evidence, will result in disciplinary action.

Section 2:7.4 Disclosure of Private Information
• Management and staff are not permitted to share information gained through private forums with players or other members. Such examples include:
1. Sharing trade block information
2. Sharing trade negotiations information
3. Sharing any confidential information found in management or staff chat

ANY management or staff found to be disclosing private information will face disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the league.

Section 2:7.5 Poor Communication with Players and Team Management
• Staff members are responsible for resolving many issues throughout the league during the season. All staff are expected to communicate efficiently and with reasonable respect to members of the league. This is a position of trust and respect, work hard to maintain a calm and cool demeanor always. Failure to conduct yourself with proper decorum will result in disciplinary action.

Section 2:7.6 Player Tampering
• In the circumstance of possible player tampering from a staff member, this will be treated as a breach of confidential information.Staff are not allowed to be team management. Tampering from anyone within the IOHL is unacceptable, even more so for staff. Any failure to adhere to this will result in disciplinary action.

Chapter 2:8 Conduct/ToS (Applies to All Members) Section 2:8.1 Terms
• By accessing this web site, you are agreeing to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site.

Section 2:8.2 Disclaimer
• The materials on the IOHL website are provided “as is”. The IOHL makes no warranties, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaims and negates all other warranties, including without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights. Further, the IOHL does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the materials on its Internet web site or otherwise relating to such materials or on any sites linked to this site.

Section 2:8.3 Revisions and Errata
• The materials appearing on the IOHL website could include technical, typographical, or photographic errors. The IOHL does not warrant that any of the materials on its web site are accurate, complete, or current. The IOHL may make changes to the materials contained on its web site at any time without notice. The IOHL does not, however, make any commitment to update the materials.

Section 2:8.4 Links
• The IOHL has not reviewed all of the external sites linked to IOHL.net or any part thereof and is not responsible for the contents of any such externally linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by IOHL of the external site.
• The IOHL has not reviewed all of the sites linked from IOHL.net to any external site and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by IOHL of the external site.
• Use of any such linked web site is at the user’s own risk.
• Further, you may not post any links (including forum posts, threads, etc.) to anything being sold by yourself, another member, or guest. Posting links to &/or selling any type of merchandise on the IOHL website is strictly prohibited.
• Links (including forum posts, threads, etc.) that are for “free services” or “free merchandise” are subject to review by staff and may be removed at any time without notice.

Section 2:8.5 Site Terms of Use Modifications
• The IOHL may revise these terms of use for its web site at any time without notice. By using this site you’re agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Section 2:8.6 Conduct

o The TOS also covers issues and conduct relating, but not limited to, conduct of members, usage of the site, and any issue which has a negative impact on the quality of the site and/or it’s content.
o Racial slurs, profanity, vulgarity, pornography, advertising, and spamming (identified as unrelated, excessive, or frivolous usage), or any other content which may be deemed offensive, are all grounds for warning, limited ban, or lifetime ban. This covers any aspect of the site, not limited to the Forums, Shout box, website, discord, as well as the XBOX Live during Site Sanctioned Events.
o **You may not post excessive negative remarks about the league trying to scare players away.
o **You may not post vulgar, demeaning, racist or crude remarks about anyone on the site.
o ** You may not spam for other websites, leagues, or any other services.
o ** You may not post pornographic, or illicit; materials, videos, pictures, or audio.
o Administration has sole jurisdiction in determining the frequency or severity of such incidents, and related punishment applied.

Sub-Section 2:8.7.1 — Warning :

 You may be asked by any staff member to cease or refrain from actions they have deemed inappropriate, or in violation of the TOS. Should you receive such a warning, you are expected to not only stop your current actions, but avoid them in the future. Multiple warnings will result in a ban, no matter how minor. When staff issues a warning, they are trying to protect you, and avoid the need to remove you, by having you examine your actions and be more cautious.
 Arguing with a warning, disrespecting the staff issuing it, or ignoring the warning, will likely result in your removal from the website.

Sub-Section 2:8.7.2 — Limited Ban:

 You may be banned by the League Administration. A ban from the web site will also result in a week-long suspension from all league games during that week. All such bans will be noted and posted in the Disciplinary threads in the forum. A temporary ban is used to prevent a member from compounding an issue, for their own protection, and protect the integrity of the site while a review is conducted.

Sub-Section 2:8.7.3 — Permanent Ban:

 You may be permanently removed from the web site by League Administration. If you have already been warned and banned previously; or the frequency or severity of your involvement in incidents is deemed to be excessive, at the discretion of the Administration, you can be banned from the site, removed from all league play and prohibited from returning.

Sub-Section 2:8.7.4 — Circumvention:

 Attempting to circumvent any such action taken against you, will result in a Permanent Ban.

Sub-Section 2:8.7.5 Chatbox/Discord Usage:

 Usage of the chat box is permitted in accordance with the TOS. It may be used for general discussion between members as long as it is used in respect to the TOS. When there is relevant discussion to IOHL content, members are expected to respect that conversation and limit off topic discussion until such conversation has ended.
 Abuse of the chat box may result in Disciplinary action.
Section 2:8.8 Discord
All staff members and management MUST download the Discord app and join the official IOHL server. The link to the server can be found on the main page of the IOHL website. ANY member in staff or management who fails to join the IOHL Discord sever by 11:59 am est. on the day of the draft will be stripped of their duties within the league.

Scheduling Procedures

Article 3: Scheduling Procedures

Chapter 3:1 IOHL Game Times Section 3:1.1 IOHL Games
• The following are weekly game times for the IOHL (all times EST):
• Sunday: 10:30 & 11:30 PM
• Monday: 10:30 & 11:30 PM
• Tuesday: 10:30 & 11:30 PM
• Wednesday: 10:30 & 11:30 PM
• Thursday: 10:30 & 11:30 PM

Chapter 3:2 Weekly Scheduling Rules Section 3:2.1 Player Availability
• Players must submit their availability for the week in to their management by the Saturday night before the start of the week at 11:59 PM EST.
• Players CANNOT give no availability dates. Players who cannot play at all during a week must apply for IR.
• Team management will notify its players how/where they should post availability. The official IOHL discord will have team chats and team availability tabs for ease.
• Any player that does not post their availability for the upcoming week in their team’s availability thread will forfeit their right to be scheduled at all for that week. Team’s management can determine the minimum/maximum games played for any player who fails to give availability.
• Players who continuously fail to post availability will face disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the league.
• Owners may schedule a player at ANY position the player has designated as willing during the signup period. Any player who refuses to play a position scheduled and marked willing during signup will face disciplinary action.

Section 3:2.2 Weekly Schedule/Line posting
• Management MUST post their entire weekly lines by no later than 8 PM EST on the Sunday of the scheduled week.
• Management cannot schedule players on days/times they have listed as unavailable.

Sub-Section 3:2.2.1 Weekly Lines
• The IOHL does not require a certain format to posting lines. However, for the ease of management, players, and staff we suggest posting in this format:
Week of Nov 12 – Nov 17

Sub-Section 3:2.2.2 Substitutions and Roster Moves
• When a player cannot make it to their game for whatever reason they can be substituted by a player on the active roster or TC player as long as that player has availability left for the week.
• Players substituted, and the player substituting will both be charged a game played for the week.
• You must update all substitute player moves in the thread you used to post your lines.

Sub-Section 3:2.2.3 Training Camp Players
• Players who signed up for the league and are not drafted or won in bidding will be placed in the TC draft.
• TC players will be allowed to play a max of 2 games per week with no minimum games played. If a TC player plays in more than 2 games in a given week, they will automatically be called up to active roster and the management must send a player from their active roster through waivers to TC.
• TC players may play ANY position while on TC. If/when they are called up to active roster they may ONLY play the position(s) they made available during signups.
• TC players may be used as ECU’s or scheduled for the week.
• TC players CAN be traded but proper roster moves may need to be made if an active roster player is returning in trade.
• There will be a no waiver call up/send down period for TC players following post-draft assignment and the start of the regular season.
• If a player is sent to TC and claimed while on waivers, the team who placed the player on waivers will retain 50% of the original salary (only if not league minimum salary; 750K).

Section 3:2.3 Deadlines
• Players have until 11:59 PM EST Saturday each week to submit their availability for the upcoming week.
• Management is required to have their entire team’s lines posted by Sunday at 8 PM EST each week.

Sub-Section 3:2.4 Positions
• Main roster players can play up to 6 games per week maximum and must play 3 games minimum per week.
• Goalies may play a 7th game during a week, 3 times per season as an emergency substitute. You must have played the majority of your games at goalie (at least 5) to qualify for 7th game.
• Players can play any position. No Position Lock
• Team management will have the right to schedule players at ANY position the player has designated as willing during signups. A player CANNOT refuse to play a position they have designated as willing during signup. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

Sub-Section 3:2.4.3 Forfeits
• If there is a forfeit, the lineups for those games are locked. You may not substitute players in games declared a forfeit.
• Forfeit games will not be counted in stats as a game played.
• Forfeit games WILL COUNT as a game played for the week for each player scheduled.

Chapter 3:3 Reschedules/Replays/Forfeits
Section 3:3.1 Reschedules
• The League will not reschedule games in the IOHL unless both teams management agree upon a reschedule unless mass server issues are known.
• Teams are encouraged to try to work to play the scheduled game at scheduled game time. If for whatever reason a team has a player(s) that can not make it, it is up to the management group of the team with 6 players online to reschedule the game or claim forfeit.
• If a reschedule is agreed upon by management, both team’s management must alert staff of the time and date of the reschedule.
o ALL reschedule times must be at 7:30/8:30/9:30/10:30/11:30 PM EST.
o If staff is not notified of a new date within 24 hours, staff has the right to reschedule the game at the end of the season for any legal reschedule time.
 Owners MUST provide picture evidence or be in a chat with a staff member to verify a time/date for reschedule. Failure to do so will invoke the staff’s right to set the time and day.
o Teams will only be allowed a MAXIMUM of 6 games to be rescheduled at the end of the season. Teams may receive forfeits for attempting to reschedule additional games at the end of the season
 Teams CAN however still agree to a reschedule within two weeks of the game’s original date, even if they are at their 6 max reschedules at the end of the season
Section 3:3.2 Replays
• Replays are issued by the commissioners after it has been determined an infraction has taken place that compromised the integrity of the game. A replay will be rescheduled on the next available Sunday at 9:30 PM EST.
Section 3:3.3 Forfeits
• If a team cannot field 6 eligible players by 5 minutes past game time (10 minutes in the playoffs), a team has the right to reschedule the game or declare a forfeit.
• Communication between Management is a MUST during these situations. This will allow each team to understand the process and can inform the players so time is not wasted by either side.
• If a forfeit is claimed NO players can be substituted from the game. It will count as a game played for the week for all players scheduled.
• If both teams cannot field a full team of players, the game will be ruled a double forfeit.
• Forfeits can ONLY be claimed by team management and/or league staff.
• If a forfeit is claimed, the team claiming forfeit should follow the following procedure:
1. Enter 1-0 win into stats or 0-0 if double forfeit
2. Do NOT enter player stats, including player names of those scheduled

IOHL Playoff Rules:
Availability: All players will post their availability by 1159pm EST., on Saturday. Failure to submit availability on time can forfeit your right to being scheduled for Playoff games. Owner must prove that players did not submit availability, if a active roster player is not scheduled for games.
Game Times: Playoff games 1 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 times are 1030pm EST., and 1130pm EST., If game 7 is needed it will be played at 1130pm EST. During playoffs teams can ask for 10 extra minutes. Playoff forfeits are not recommended, but can be taken at 1041pm EST., and 1141pm EST., if a team cannot field 6 players. We ask both Teams Management to do everything in their power not to take Forfeits during playoffs.
Playoff Stats: Management will enter Playoff Stats within 24 hours of completion of the first game from the previous night (1030pm EST). There will be NO stat extensions during the Playoffs. If management fails to enter stats within this 24 hour period the following can occur.
• STATS: Stats will be taken and recorded from inside the BOXSCORE, not Player Summary. If stats are not recored from BOXSCORE, stats will not be correct.
Late Stats:
• First Offense: Verbal Warning will be issued to Team Management.
• Second Offense: Owner and or Team Management will be suspended for one playoff game.
• Third Offense: Forfeit Loss.
Playoff Lines: Will be posted in Team Locker rooms each day no later than 6pm EST., for the Away Team, and no later than 7pm EST., for the Home Team. Once lines are submitted, no changes can be made, any an all changes will be considers as a substitution.
Late Playoff Lines: If a team submits Playoff Lines Late the following can occur.
• First Offense: Verbal Warning will be issued to Team Management.
• Second Offense: Owner and or Team Management will be suspended one playoff game.
• Third Offense: Forfeit Loss
Playoff Participation: All Active Roster Players will be scheduled for Playoff games. Training Camp Players can be scheduled for no more than two Playoff games. Training Camp players can play any position that is needed to field 6 players.
Players/Goalies: All Active Roster Players must be scheduled for 1 Game by Game 3 and 2 by Game 6. No player can play more than 2 games in a row during the Playoffs. Maximum games played for any player during the Playoffs is 4.
Substitutions: All substitutions will be posted in Team Locker rooms. If a schedule player misses or doesn’t show up for their game and has to be substituted, that will count for a game played for the Sub and the Player. Players that are schedule for 1030 or 1130 on the same day can be moved from the 1030 or 1130 game with no penalty.

IOHL Snake Draft & Auction Draft/TC Draft/Random Assignments

IOHL Snake Draft/TC Draft and Random Assignments
Snake Draft Overview
• The team with the first overall pick selects, followed by the team with the second pick, third pick, and so on. At the end of the first round, the team that just drafted with the last pick in the 1st round will have the first pick in the second round. This will reverse for each round.
• The Snake Draft will take place in the IOHL Discord Management chat. It is imperative that no one talk/type in the chat while the draft is going on, unless your team has been called, and you are approved by the team owner to make draft picks for the team.
• Draft will start at 8pm est. time.
• When you make you’re Draft Pick. You will use the following format, Gamertag, and Position of the player being picked.
• Example: GT: Subban76, RD.
Training Camp Draft:
• Training Camp Draft will be the day after the main draft and will follow the same rules.
Random Assignments:
• Random Assignments will be assigned to teams as players sign up after the draft deadline. Random Assignments will be done every Friday, depending on amount of Late Signups.

IOHL Auction Draft/TC Draft/FAAB

• Auction drafts are based on a bidding format and differ considerably from traditional “snake” live drafts. In those drafts, teams take turns drafting players from a fixed order in a back-and-forth serpentine or “snake” format (1-10, 10-1, 1-10, 10-1, etc.). Players disappear from the draft board and teams (waiting for their draft turn) can do nothing about it. In Auction drafts, teams have the chance to draft any player they want, if they have the available funds.

• Team will be randomized to select nomination order.
• The teams with the 1st nomination will nominate a player for bidding by stating:


• Once a player is nominated for auction, the bidding begins. Team owners are free to bid however much they feel that player is worth. Bidding continues until there is a lapse in bidding or silence in bidding chat, at which time the auctioneer will alert all bidders by saying “Going Once”, “Going Twice”, “Sold”. The player is awarded to the team of the highest bidder, and the bid amount is deducted from the team’s available funds/salary cap.
• Once the auctioneer says “SOLD” in chat, that player is won. Any bids that come in late, even by seconds, will NOT count.
• This process repeats until every team’s roster is filled, with each team nominating a player each round.
• Teams CANNOT pass nominating a player.
• Once a team has a full roster, they are finished and no longer nominate players for bidding.

• Each team will be given 3 management positions for free (Owner, GM, Co-GM)
• Each team will have a salary cap of $35M for the season. At NO TIME can a team go over the salary cap. Any transaction that would put a team over the cap will be denied by the league office.
• Teams CAN NOT trade salary space or “hold” salary of a player in a trade. All traded salaries will remain the same as originally bid.
• Each team will be allotted 2 2-year contracts they may use on any player they won in bidding. The player and the management must post in the appropriate forum the agreement by 11:59 PM EST on the Saturday (October 6th) before opening night. Players on 2-year contracts will be granted 1 trade request that is good for those 2 seasons. If an owner changes teams or steps down, that players contract REMAINS intact with the new management team. Players on 2-year contracts that are traded during the 1st year of the 2-year deal will have their contracts VOIDED and will become free agents at the end of the season. Players CAN NOT be extended past 2 seasons and MUST be re-entered into bidding or take a management spot after their contract expires.

Post-Auction Draft/TC Draft
• Following the auction draft, any player who was not nominated and won will be entered in to the “TC Draft”. Teams will select round-by-round snake draft style to fill their TC.
• Teams will be randomized to select the TC Draft order.
• Teams may select a player or pass their pick if they choose. TC is to help teams incase of emergency and to avoid forfeits, we highly suggest all teams select a player even if they do not know the player.
• Any player taken in the TC draft will be assigned a $500K league minimum contract if called up to the main roster.
• TC players CAN NOT be given a 2-year contract, even if called up before start of season.
• Teams CAN NOT trade up/down in TC Draft.

• Any player who signs up post close of auction bidding will be placed into “Late sign-up bidding”. Following the 2nd week of the season, those players will become available to be claimed. Teams will send claims to the appropriate email which will remain anonymous/blind until the silent bidding ends. The highest bid will win the player. Teams may ONLY bid with the available salary cap they have left over from bidding. If you have no cap space, you MAY NOT bid on a late sign-up.
• Each Thursday (end of weekly schedule) at 11:59 PM EST late sign-up players become available for bidding. A list will be updated following each week of any new sign-ups.
• Bidding will close on Saturday (day prior to start of weekly schedule) at 11:59 PM EST.
• Staff will review all bids to make sure they fit the teams cap and award the player to the highest bidding team if they have the available funds.
• The player won will be placed on the active roster at the salary they were won for during the late sign-up bidding. Any roster moves to fit the player onto the active roster must be done within 24 hours of being notified of a winning bid or the bid will be voided, and the player will be awarded to the next highest bidder.
• Teams should format any late sign-up bid like the following:


• Only the team with the highest bid will be notified of player acquisition.

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