I am absolutely thrilled to bring you a story of 2 contenders. 2 teams that know they have the grit, confidence, and force to fight their way to the cup. I am excited to dive in the action as we breakdown this game.

1st period

At puck drop the islanders were a team that came over the rangers, similar to a tidal wave over a small island. LD on every shot, never to give a cross crease, or simple shot. I almost felt bad for the rangers, until I found they know how to take advantage of mistakes. 3 goals in the first! The deep (stretch) pass was on point! Blue for the rangers with swift feet, scores on one deep pass over the defender. Scores on a forecheck, and a nice pass to his teammate.

The pressure was all NYI, and the bounces kept working in favor for them, and their cycle. Shot after shot, I was waiting for the collapse of the highly rated rangers… but no! The goalie stood tall all period long! When an immovable object, meets an unstoppable force.

2nd period


The rangers once again handled every shot from every angle, leaving no juicy rebounds. Then witnessing the art of taking advantage of every mistake. Score! Yep it seems the flow kept working in their favor; giving the rangers a 4-0 lead. The period seemed to be a waste, but one thing I didn’t fail to see. The islander Never! And I mean never looked weak, despite the slick dominance of the rangers…Boom! The reward came with just a few minutes left. No shutout at least.

The score 4-1.

3rd period

This looked like just a simple dump, and protect for the rangers. LD that game was on fire! And that RW of the rangers was the cherry on top of what is at this point… The best defensive, and mistake free team I was pleasured to see. Then… Defensive zone…Rangers…

Tie up, Islanders center pushes forward, and the RW of the islanders comes in for the puck, then with a drop to the left post by the LW. Pass! Score! Now looking at a 4-2 game. Oh they scored again. 4-3. then it was 4-4 with just a few minutes left. Yes they tied the game that fast.

A comeback that never seemed out of reach, a pillar that never gave in. The all around strength and will of a team that never dropped pace, or thought they were out of it; and every reason to think so. TIE GAME.

I don’t remember all of this game as the video cant be found. I recall simply a score that was well deserved by the islanders. Scoring the game winning goal. I believe it was OT, regardless, the comeback was real. I watched living proof of what a team can do if they keep the course, and stick to their jobs. It was tidal wave, vs a stump in the ground. If you keep at it, eventually… You Win.

Keep in mind, the game video is gone. I could not find it. I went with what I recall. Please correct if I’m wrong.