Todays management Chat is with Owner, Haewyre of the Philadelphia Flyers.

This article today will shine a light on a possible underdog story. From working in the shadows of the league, recruiting outside sources, and leaving no stone unturned. For a team no one really knows, Haewyre is ready to bring his team to light, and cast a shadow in this league.

We found a tight group. Players that actively wanted to play for us” Said Haewyre, far from any kind of joke, or smirk. Knowing that depth is very important, so is loyalty. “We had 3 players come back to us, from outside the league, wanting to join us“. With unknown players, Haewyre knew he had the upper hand on players that some, wouldn’t think to be a worthy pick. (canadianbeauty4, a mention from haewyre, says he is proud of that pick)

A fun environment” He describes his philosophy as “letting the players play, and the management do their managing.” So far there hasn’t been much trade development, and you can make the argument they need too. A team that didn’t scrimmage against other teams before the season; focused solely on chemistry in drop ins, and club games. Haewyre doesn’t lack the confidence, as he says his team is “Very adaptable” and excited for the challenge of making moves on the go.

Knowing what is at stake, says “we know what we are capable of, we didn’t expect to be dead last in rankings (beginning of the season) but again, we know what we are capaple of“. Flying under the radar (no pun intended) he says ” we hope to catch them by surprise, and make them adapt to us” keeping a strong mentality with a rough start (3-10-1)  is what Haewyre claims is the teams state right now. Emphasizing the possibilities within the team.

Toronto being the team on haewyre’s calendar, I knew it was for this one reason. “moose! Always good to lay a good beating on him.” You see him and moose go back to before IOHL days, and honestly I can see this being a low key rivalry game. I was then shocked, by his choice of one guy to beat down in IOHL though! “Get loud juice! Love the guy, but one day we will need to settle it.

This team I like for the introvert philosophy, and leaving talk on the ice; giving no transparency to other teams. They may not be getting it done now, but with 68 games left, anything is still possible.