Todays management chat is with Ottawa Owner, Hoffpacuhlyse.

An interview that was more revealing of a team, that was very active in main chat; prior to the season. They seemed focused, and ready to back what they’ve said, and let their play command their opponents attention. Hoff (5 games, 3 goals, 5 assists, and 11 hits) seemed ready to explain what he calls a “just a slow start.”

We were ranked high, which comes with high expectations.” Hoff continues, trying to explain that “a slow start, doesn’t mean we are playing terrible.” He describes his team as “good friends, and have the availability to match every game.” The sound of a very threatening chemistry on the forefront, Hoff knows his management made the draft easier.

We already had the guys we wanted, in Papi Gonzalez (5 games, 8 goals, 5 assists, and 23 hits over 8 PIM); who is a fantastic GM. Excellent player at every position. The draft was Forward heavy, so we benefited drafting from the very few Defensemen on the board.” He certainly did, by drafting two of the best in AT43, and xKillzone. Did I mention they drafted last years Stanley Cup Champion Angry “father” Fawn. Drafting some of the most highly rated Goalies, in Kodiak, Calgary Flames, and agnostic. A defense that certainly has the resume, are looking to start week 2 strong. Getting back to that level of dominance.

As for teams Hoff knows he must prepare for. He kept it personal, and close to what he calls a “VERY stacked” Conference. “The Islanders” and really kept it at that. I was wondering what he really wanted to say, but I probably couldn’t print it. He knows he needs to look out for Sonsofdisaster, Saying “he is always on his P’s and Q’s, tough to play against.” Now, whom he calls his sleeper Goalie mention, Dr Destruction. Says “there is a lot of potential there, and that team.

Despite what Hoff calls a “rocky start“, his team knows this is only the beginning. With 72 games remaining, and an even record of 5 wins, 5 losses. Its easy to see this team having a massive “kick start” to their team. While LA and Edmonton are dominating the Western Conference. The stacked Conference of the East, is looking to take the top seed from the Rangers, falling just behind The Islanders.

As for the IOHL player, Hoff would just like to knock out “HopoffmeB“. I havent heard this one come up in consideration, but he justified his answer. “I’m the worst fighter, and I KNOW HopoffmeB. I would love nothing more.

This team on paper has it all. The historic play of the Defense, the growth of the Goalies, and the lock of the forefront. In hockey many little things can decide a championship (hand pass, OT win) for example. Hopefully this once feared team at the start of the season, figures it out. Before they fall  victim of being just another overhyped team.

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