Interview with IOHL President Trump l45: He has been in the IOHL for several years, and around the NHL community since NHL10.

Question 1: As President what are your goals for the IOHL in Season 21?

Answer: First off im going to help the league grow to my best intention. Hopefully the IOHL can grow off the new era on NHL 20 and we can Make IOHL Great Again!!

Questions 2: What advice would you give new Owners in the IOHL?

Answer: I would tell new Owners to be patient. That they can become a good owner in the IOHL win or lose their first season as owner, if they do the work,  research, and are respectful to players and staff.

Question 3: You won the Stanley Cup in S20 with NYI. What team do you think will win in S21?

Answer: I hope all IOHL Teams are competitive in S21. There are several great owners returning with good core management for S21. So If I have to choose a team to win the Cup before the Draft. I would say Arizona.

Question 4: How do you feel about NHL 20? What works, what needs to be changed?

Answer: NHL 20 needs some tuning done to it. But as a long time goalie, I like goalie the most on this game then any other NHL game.

Question 5: What is your favorite NHL team.

Answer: New York Rangers

Question 6: Who is your favorite All-Time hockey player?

Answer: Mike Richter

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