IOHL Team Draft Grades


Western Conference

Arizona Coyotes – Arizona grabbed some really good players in the first 4 rounds. A-

Calgary Flames – Calgary’s management will have to do a lot of work to pull these guys together. C

Chicago Blackhawks – Chicago did a lot of scouting this season, and seems to have drafted a solid team. C+

Colorado Avalanche – Colorado has a lot of unproven players and a mixture of Veteran players. C-

Edmonton Oilers – It’s like Hide n Seek with this team. The players you know are good, the ones you don’t are better. A+

San Jose Sharks – Solid group of players B+

Vegas Golden Knights – They picked up a top Goalie in 1st round. Don’t know a lot of the picks, but they should be in the middle of the pack in the West. B

Winnipeg Jets – Winnipeg picked up one of the best Goalies in the 1st round, and have seemed to put a good team around him. B-


Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins – Boston will be competing for a top spot in the East. B-

Carolina Hurricanes – They added several more weapons, to go along with their management team. A

Detroit Redwings – Detroit should have a solid season. Their 1st 4 picks are solid, after that it is a crapshoot. C-

Montreal Canadians – Not too familiar with this team. Hopefully, they will compete in a tough Eastern Conference. C

New Jersey Devils – Solid group of draft picks. They will be fighting for a playoff spot. B-

Philadelphia Flyers – Management for the Flyers always have a good draft and a good team. B+

Tampa Bay Lightning – This will be a tough team to play night in and night out.  Solid group of players A-

Washington Capitals – Wow!! The West is going to be a competitive conference. Don’t underestimate this Team. B-