Interview with IOHL Tampa Bay Lightning Owner-PotHeadDegree.  PotHead has been a consistent Owner in the IOHL for the past 4 seasons.  He’s consistently runs good teams, that have made it deep into the playoffs.

Question 1: As a Veteran Owner in the IOHL. What advice would you give a new Owner to be successful in the IOHL?

Answer: Now owning for my 4th season in a row, my advice to new owners to be successful would be to draft based on position and skill, not because they are your friends. The draft is what makes or breaks your team. So it’s the most important thing to focus on besides building chemistry after you draft your team.

Question 2: What IOHL Rules would you like to see changed?

Answer: The rules I would like to see changed is the taking a penalty rule if you don’t start on time. Reason being is that rule is going to cause a lot of FFL forfeit losses and possibly teams quitting and/or folding because this isn’t LG, this is IOHL. We don’t have the player base nor are we more important to people than LG. So the rule is going to cause issues. The other rule I would like to see changed is the goal post color rule. You should be able to make your goal posts any color you want, and using the excuse of color blindness is not a valid reason, because there is a setting on NHL 20 now to turn on for color blind people.

Question 3: Your team has the 1st overall pick in S21. How will this pick help your Team make it to the Finals this season, since you have come up short in previous seasons.?

Answer: Spin4DaWin – Spin is a great goalie and has a lot of experience in between the pipes in IOHL. He’s a great player and can really back pack us to wins when the offense or defense is having a rough game. He’s very reliable!!! So the first pick will be huge to get a teddy of that caliber. Great goaltending obviously improves our chances.

Question 4: What Team out of the West and East has the best pre-draft chance to make it to the Stanley Cup this season?

Answer: I would say in the West the top team will be either Edmonton or Arizona. In my opinion the East will be a race of Four teams. Carolina, Boston, Tampa and Detroit.

Question 5: What is your favorite Hockey Movie?

Answer: Since there are very few actual hockey movies. I would say my favorites are Miracle or The Mighty Duck series.

Questions 6: What is your favorite NHL Hockey Team?

Answer: My Hometown team: Chicago Blackhawks.