1 on 1 with Wolfe 721 and GetLoudJuice

A gm who missed out on previous interviews for the New York Islanders, GetLoudJuice. He wanted his interview, after a long process, I considered it. I wont lie when I say I was a bit surprised. He was smart, up beat, and very good with his words.

Availability and attitude.” Similar to what haewyre (philly owner) was saying about his team, GLJ made transparent. “I’ve played hockey, I understand it’s a dance. I know the vets. Keeping moral up even when losing” He keeps these in mind running the team; and being where they are in rankings, they have a lot to prove in this philosophy. “To coach is the process, and a player is to be in the process.

He has faith in his team, and believes he has a strong team. Constantly communicating everything, from everyone. “we want to go out with a split in points. Getting a win, or 2 ties. Keeping a happy goal in mind.” GLJ continued, “Rangers and Dallas are my biggest worries team wise.” Saying these

are the teams to beat, was not a surprising one as they have been on fire as of late.

Playoffs is my goal, simple as that” GLJ said in a shockingly serious tone. “loyalty, and players proud to be a Flyer. We have that.” As for the fighter he wanted to take out! Literally the top scorer for Vancouver! Currently MDHorten88!

Personal Comment:

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