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The IOHL is a structured Six vs. Six Hockey League based upon the EA Sports NHL series. We play 10 games per week - two a night Sunday thru Thursday at 10:30 & 11:30pm (eastern time).

We have seen a significant amount of growth since we began and have quickly become the premier, late-night, Six's League!

Players are expected to be available to play a minimum of 3 Games per week and may not play more than 6 Games per week. The League Rules should be reviewed and followed at all times during IOHL events.  The Rules can be found in the Main Menu.

The Sign-up Form can be found under the "Join A Team" tab.  Membership will be open for season 12 soon and will remain open all season long, but sign up asap for your chance to be taken in the draft.  If you are a late sign up you will be on a time-stamped waiting list and as we have openings we will accept the oldest applications in order.

If you have any questions about the IOHL, please post them in the Forums and a league Veteran will likely answer.  If you do not receive an answer, contact a League Staff member and we will reply as soon as we can.

We welcome our new players and look forward to seeing you on the ice!

General Chat

ReplyxRaven 23.08 17:26
noob united you should join the crew
ReplyDaguy 23.08 23:04
I feel so bad for you blizz. good series Canada
Replyblizzunit 24.08 09:18
Replyblizzunit 24.08 09:24
The fact that you would feel bad for anyone in relation to a video game is utterly pathetic at best. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but it is simply pixels on a screen.
Replyblizzunit 24.08 09:27
I feel bad for people that make ignorant comments that are easily disproven by statistical evidence….oh wait, no I don’t.
Replyblizzunit 24.08 09:29
Final thought: I hope you all learned a valuable lesson from this exchange. That being: educate yourself before you attempt to trash talk because if you don’t, you come off as an ignorant fool. Anywho, best of luck to the remaining teams!
ReplyxRaven 24.08 16:54
your bad plz stop
ReplyDaguy 24.08 21:04
you’re over here writing paragraphs over "pixels on a screen" because I called you bad, lmao. Anyways can’t wait to play France in the FINALS. Should be a good series 🙂
ReplylRyan l6l 24.08 23:20
Blizz relax no one cares
ReplyBananaSelection 25.08 01:12
Blizz what lg team do you play on ? Your ranked leaderboards mean nothing fool
ReplyBananaSelection 25.08 01:14
You’re simply talking about the drop in/club leaderboards, do you even play pro series ?
ReplyBananaSelection 25.08 01:16
Nobody honestly cares you fucking twat
ReplyBananaSelection 25.08 01:17
Kid probably plays 2s puts up points and calls hisself good lmao. You barley put up points in IOHL and you’re gonna trash talk because you have good leaderboards. People in club are usually shit just to let you know…. Internet tough guy over here
ReplyBananaSelection 25.08 01:21
I’d also know who said they complained about late games because we showed up and fucking wrecked your garbage team hence we are in the finals you little bitch
ReplyBananaSelection 25.08 01:26
So I checked club leaderboards and don’t see you any where so idk what the fuck you are talking about for WW leaderboards but you didn’t stand out against us… If you honestly care to explain what the WW is I’ll be here
ReplyBananaSelection 25.08 01:30
So your only stats that really matter is your lg and you went 8-6-3 26 pts and a -11 you couldn’t even put up 2 pts per game in the Chl and you are gonna talk shit, good one buddy, work on your Chl skills before you come chirping
Replyx PAPI GONZALEZ 26.08 01:51
Banana take a chill pill
ReplyJJr 01:50
Take a smoke brandon vi
ReplyxRaven 13:01
cancer alert
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